Maintenance website

In order to ensure that a website remains visible on delivery and that the necessary updates are provided, I would like to offer my services. For € 20, – </ strong> (ex VAT) per month, I will hold my responsibility for up-dating the website.

External service

For specific technical problems, I can seek advice from / fall back on / speak with (choose one you like) other professionals within my network. In the exceptional case that hiring extra support is necessary then this is also possible. This of course only happens with your permission.

Additional costs Web design

10 hours : Set up basic Woocommerce webshop including 10 products
01 hours : Placing various products in the webshop per 6 products
1/2 hour : Places additional web page
in consultation : Place and develop demo film
1/2 hour : Places film in VIMEO and make it visible on the web
04 hours : Create newsletter account and markup newsletter

Additional costs of house style

10 hours : Logo design
04 hours : House style elements concept
08 hours : Further development of existing corporate identity (letterhead, business card, brochure, roll-up banner, etc …)
02 hours : Make logo suitable for various user targets (black and white, print file, rgb, cmyk, jpg, png, aspen, ai, etc …)
01 hour : Search (corporate) images per 4 pieces
01 hour : Edit one image by house style per 4 images

Other information

  • Work consultation (oral, telephone, mail) is always for my account. This is separate from the various sessions that I offer per package.
  • I have lost the above-mentioned hours on average (a suitable quote will be made in advance)
  • Additional work and or other wishes will be determined in terms of hours per assignment.

  • WordPress website will be built on the basis of a purchase template of 40 to 65 euros. This template will be purchased by you yourself so that you can choose independently from me where you put the management and if you do this yourself.
  • The development of your own wordpress template is possible at additional costs.
  • Website costs such as hosting, support, etc are for your own management. Personally I recommend: Siteground