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Corporate branding & identity

The image of the desired identity starts with a good and powerful logo design for your company or product. It is your message, your mission & vision, it is the association that people have with your company. I help you to put a service or product on the market.

Web & interface design

Your website is the most important calling card of your company. That includes a professional and up-to-date design. To ensure that your identity is visible and recognizable from the logo, we will look for the right translation into a suitable communication and image.

Print design

With a website alone you are not there yet. You will also wish to present yourself ‘on the street’ with the help of brochures, banners, magazines, business cards, letter paper, postcards, word files, etc. Together we will see what is needed and I will start with a concept design.

Express your mission and vision effectively!

01 | Ecologically

In the graphic profession we have the opportunity to take the environment into account. Think of paper selection, more digital communication or CO2-neutral printing. This is always included in my advice for your design.

02 | Energetic

We will agree in advance for what price I will get to work, that will prevent surprises. In this way we create the right energetic alignment for both parties. We will discuss this via a video call.

03 | Personal consult

Sometimes a product’s development encounters a blockage. It may well be that that first deserves attention before we can continue in the process. In that case I will look at the processes in an extra consultation.

Together we discover your destination,
and translate this into a personal Brand.

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