I am committed to your powerful and driven mission with Love

Because of my years of knowledge and experience in the graphic and web design profession, I am able to assist you in a personal and committed way.

Branding & design

For 20 years I have been a designer and can assist internationally operating companies, foundations and independent entrepreneurs. As a designer I help with single assignments as well as designing the total branding. Bear responsibility for a design department at an advertising agency; may support Buurtzorg Nederland as an application designer; from DTP to Art Director. In the meantime I have learned all facets of the profession. In addition, I have started to develop more in the energetic work, so that I am now able to put my intention on your company or product and with that my designs can make an extra contribution to a successful outcome.

Designing is working together

Design requires various web technical & Graphic design skills. For the development of a completely new company or product to be set up, knowledge of the various Adobe applications, interface design, some knowledge of HTML 5, CSS, UI and SEO, etc. is also required. and social skills. I approach you very personally and join you in the process. Because you are the center and I want the highest possible result for you.


You probably have all sorts of ideas, but you do not know where to start or how to work it out. In that case, use my qualities. I would like to help you.


For every wish there is a solution, together we will look for the way here. That I was I do, I work together, because I think it is important that it remains your idea and that you can fully support it.


Eventually I will translate the solutions found to the used house style or I will design a new one if this benefits the market approach. In all cases, we will together ensure that it will be a success.

  • I as Rebel want to make a positive contribution to the Earth and take full creative freedom to shape it.
  • I as Rebel want to work for growth and connect with being essential.
  • I as Rebel desire to meet and connect souls from Loving consciousness.
  • I as Rebel know that we are a tribe, a family, and that the people who come our way help remind us of that.
  • I as Rebel, wish to be fully faithful to the Heart and what is indicated to us from the Heart.
  • I as Rebel choose to feel but will also recognize our mind as a worthy means of creation.
  • I as Rebel always want to focus on the positive, but we do not judge the negative.
  • I as Rebel recognize the diversity and richness in people and honor the differences that are there as beautifully given.
  • I as Rebel, believe in myself and others, as we are one together.
  • I as a Rebel, put themselves at the service of Source and Mother Earth and serve this in everything it asks for.
  • I as Rebel are committed to reconciling material and spiritual life.
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